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Family Apostolate was started in the Diocese of Palai in 1977. The preparation for the Bishops' Synod in Rome (1980) accelerated the activities of the apostolate. As a result, programme such as seminars on family related subjects, marriage preparation course, life guidance course were conducted on parish levels.

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Family Heaven on Earth

God wishes family to be the heaven on earth. He gave form to the first family with the intention of making it a paradise/heaven. He wished the primordial couples to be in His presence and to participate in His life and mission. This is the dream of God about each and every family.
The power of evil that destroyed the first parents' life in the Garden of Eden, continues its strong influence to turn our families away from God. Our families confront lot of struggles and problems in fulfilling the responsibilities according to the teachings of the Holy Bible, especially in the present society which is characterised by the dictatorship of relativism and dangers in the social, cultural, scientific, political, economic and communication spheres. Relativism makes people to stay away from the Church, leading them to an immoral life and a broken relationship with God and fellow-beings. It destructs family bonds and leads to the loss of values and lack of faith within the family.
It is the primary duty of every one to take necessary steps to save our families from the dangers of the time. Family Apostolate, through its different departments, aims at the renewal of families on the parish and diocesan levels. It intends to make families heaven on earth.

Mar Joseph Kallarangatt

Our Bishop

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Mar Jacob Muricken

Our Auxiliary Bishop

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Mar Joseph Pallikaparambil

Bishop Emiretus

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Rev. Dr. Sebastian Vethanath

Vicar General

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Rev. Dr. Joseph Kuttiankal


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Our Departments

Family Apostolate co-ordinates and animates various programme through its departments for the psycho-social and spiritual empowerment of the families at the parish and diocesan levels.


Mathruvedhi is the pious organization of married women of the diocese. It aims at the integral growth of women and betterment of families by raising them in a life deep routed in Christian faith.

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Pithruvedhi is the pious association of the married men of the diocese. It aims at the betterment of the family and Church through the fulfilment of the responsibilities attached to fatherhood.

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This movement supports all kinds of activities for the safety and protection of human life through classes and many programme. It gives awareness on various challenges existing in the society against life.

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Home Mission

Home Mission aims at the renewal and sanctification of families of the diocese. It intends the psycho-social and spiritual empowerment of the families at the parish level.

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Madona Institute of Home Life

Madona Institute of Home Life aims at the integral growth of young ladies providing them training on various disciplines of life. The training helps the participants to prepare themselves for a better married life.

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Syro-Malabar Palai Matrimony

This is the diocesan matrimonial site. It is linked to the Syro-Malabar Matrimonial network. It helps the youth to find out their life partner in accordance with the tradition and spiritual heritage of the Syro-Malabar Church.

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Latest Events

Palai Matrimony

Upcoming News and Events

Making Families Holy
Venue: Arunapuram Alphonsian Pastoral Institute
January : 4,5,6
February : 22,23,24
March : 29,30,31
April : 26,27,28

Pithruvedhi Election
It is decided to conduct the general body election of pithruvedhi on January 12, 2019 at Shalom Pastoral Centre Pala.

Holy Land Pilgrimage
Family Apostolate is conducting a Holy Land Pilgrimage from 2019 February to November. Those who are willing to go for pilgrimage please contact with our office.

Mangalya Nidhi

Mangalya Nidhi is the charitable organ of the Family Apostolate where by financial support is granted to the poor young ladies of the diocese for their marriage. So far 625 persons have received financial help from Mangalyanidhi.

Main source of the income of Mangalyanidhi is the general collection from the participants of the marriage preparation course conducted at Alphonsian Pastoral Institute Arunapuram, Palai.

Generally financial help is granted to the applicants from the diocese of palai who attend in the marriage preparation course conduted by the family apostolate of the diocese.

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