About Us

About Us

Family Apostolate was started in the Diocese of Palai in 1977. The preparation for the Bishops' Synod in Rome (1980) accelerated the activities of the apostolate. As a result, programme such as seminars on family related subjects, marriage preparation course, life guidance course were conducted on parish levels.

In 1985 the departments of Swanthana Councelling Centre, ADDART, the first treatment centre for drunkards in Kerala, and Madona Institute of Home Life were started. In 1987 marriage preparation course was made compulsory.

In 1994 the office of the Family Apostolate was shifted from St. Thomas Press building Pala, to the family centre at Puthenpallikunnu, Lalam. In 1994 the diocesan movement for the married women received the name Mathrujyothi and in 2015 the name Mathruvedhi.

In 2000 started the departments of Home Mission and Pithruvedhi. Official inauguration of Pithruvedhi was done on June 18, 2016. In 2005, the office of the apostolate was shifted to Shalom Pastoral Centre, Pala. In the same year, more concentration was focused on the computerization of the office, activities of Pro-Life and Nursing recruitment outside kerala. In 2010, Swanthana Counseling centre became independent and its office was shifted to Kizhathadiyoor.

'Parents Meet' in connection with marriage preparation was started in 2011.

In 2012 My Divine Matrimony was started to help the young people to find out suitable partner for the married life. In 2014 it was linked to the matrimonial site of the SyroMalabar Church and now it is known as SyroMalabar Palai Matrimony.

2005 onwards Family Apostolate, through its department Mangalyanidhi provides financial help to the poor young ladies for their marriage.

Our Directors

1 Rev. Fr. Augustine Vadakarakala 1977-1984
2 Rev. Fr. Jose Kottayil 1984-1985
3 Rev. Fr. Sebastian Pattathil 1985-1987
4 Rev. Fr. Michael Narikattu 1987-1993
5 Rev. Fr. Jose Kottayil 1993-1998
6 Rev. Dr. George Vettukallel 1999-2000
Rev.Fr. Augustine Koottiyaniyil(Assistant Director) 1999-2000
Rev. Fr. Thomas Menachery(Assistant Director) 1999-2000
7 Rev. Fr. Jose Kottayil 1999-2005
Rev.Fr. Paul Kollithanathumalayil(Assistant Director) 2000
8 Rev. Fr. Sebastian Vettukallel 2005-2008
9 Rev. Fr. Sebastian Naduthadam 2008-2010
10 Rev. Fr. Johson Pullettu 2010-2017
Rev.Fr. Joseph Arimattath(Assistant Director 2012
11 Rev. Dr. Sebastian Vethanath 2017-2018
12 Dr. Abraham Palackathadathil 2018 - 2020
13 Rev. Dr. Joseph Kuttiankal 2020 -
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