Home Mission

Home Mission

Home Mission aims at the renewal and sanctification of families of the diocese. It intends the psycho-social and spiritual empowerment of the families at the parish level. A group of trained religious Sisters make visits to each family of the parish and help the members to experience better the love of God and fellow-beings in the family and parish. This Mission, undertaken by Rev. Sisters, is of vital importance in the present society where families confront lot of struggles and problems.

It is the responsibility of the Church to cater the various pastoral needs of the family life. The slogan of the Home Mission is to help the family members to create 'heaven on earth', renewing their life on the basis of Gospel principles. Since parish is the communion of families, the renewal of families will certainly add to the life of love and fraternity in the parish.

In the diocese, Home Mission programme was started in 2000 with 30 Sisters of different religious congregations of the diocese. Home Mission programme is successfully completed in 135 parishes of the diocese. At present there are 25 Sisters in the group.

Executive Committee

Sr. Anitha FCC

Sr.Tessa SH

Sr. Saly SMC

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