Mathruvedhi is the pious organization of married women of the diocese. It aims at the integral growth of women and betterment of families by raising them in a life deep routed in Christian faith. By giving better insights on the role of women in the family and Church, Mathruvedhi helps its members to build up a better society.

A devout and pious woman is always a like a scented candle and a beacon hope to her family, Church and society. To foster their capabilities and strengthen their spiritual power and to encourage a religious progress of the community through prayerful life Mathruvedhi brings all mothers of the diocese under one umbrella. Through the various activities of Mathruvedhi the Church becomes more maternal.

Mathruvedhi prioritises spiritual activities through prayers and sacramental life. It invites all mothers to share their love, care, prayer and valuable presence for the betterment of family and the Church. It aspires to become effective instrument of Jesus, on the path of perfect glorification of God the Almighty in the family, Church and society.

Once in a month all the members of Mathruvedhi gather together in the parish to coordinate their activities.

Executive Committee

Sr Kusumam SH
Joint Director

Veronica Joseph Aryappalliyil

Jansamma Joseph Plakkannickal
Vice President

Marykutty Augustine Kaniyarakathu Vadakkumkara

Monica Scaria Vekathanam
Joint Secretary

Santhamma Joseph Mecheril
Senet Member

Siji Luckson Padannamackal
Senet Member

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