Pithruvedhi is the pious association of the married men of the diocese. It aims at the betterment of the family and Church through the fulfilment of the responsibilities attached to fatherhood. Pithruvedhi is the forum for the heads of the family (fathers) to meet, share and contribute to the growth of families and the Church. The guiding slogan of the Pithruvedhi is "to change the world from your home". We strive to make the world a better place to live in.

Aims and Objectives of Pithruvedhi:
  • To train the members to be capable of formulating an ideal Catholic family as a husband, father and head of the family.
  • To foster family and parish fraternities and help the poor and needy through social services.
  • To take lead in all church activities such as development, fund raising and construction activities as directed by the parish council.
  • To take lead and guide in the celebrations of the church and take steps to sustain our age old traditions of St.Thomas Christians.
  • To sensitize those members in high official positions to propagate faith and be witnesses of Christ.
  • To restrain the heads of families from the dangerous, unhealthy vices and trends.

To fulfil these aims and objectives, Pithruvedhi takes up the following activities.

  • Organize seminars and workshops for parents & couples (Dampathi Sangamam, etc.,).
  • Educate couples on ideal Catholic family life and upbringing of children through classes and inter active sessions.
  • Sensitize the parents to avoid unnecessary wastage and extravaganza on the occasion of celebrations like marriage and also act against the prevalent social evils of dowry, craze for gold, etc.
  • Celebrate jubilees of weddings of members, congratulate the couples and organize pilgrimages etc.
  • Promote the traditions of St. Thomas Christians by encouraging customs and practices followed by our counter parts in Kerala.
  • Actively lead and participate in all church celebrations and feasts such as feast of the parish. Feast of St. Joseph (Mar 19th), Father's Day (June 16th) and Family Day (Dec 28th).
  • Join and lead all developmental activities of the church by raising funds and working on the guidelines of the parish council.
  • Organize charitable and philanthropic services, arrange for visiting the sick, etc.
  • Help the poor, needy members in their emergencies and support their meritorious children.
  • Support and earnestly join all the programmes of the church along with pithruvedhi.

Executive Committee

Jose John Keelath

Abraham Joseph
Vice President

Benny Kochery

P.D George Padickakarottu
Joint Secretary

George Joseph Narikattu

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